Dr. Tim Heath of Optimized Wellness Center

Our mission at Optimized Wellness Center is to serve as your guide, and offer healthcare that supports optimal health and function of your body. We provide solutions to many health challenges, and focus on comprehensive ‘wellness care’, rather than simply ‘sick care’. Our approach to medicine goes far beyond diagnosing and treating a single symptom, but instead focuses on treating the whole person.

Our goal is to identify and treat the root cause of your health challenge, and correct it, thereby allowing your body to restore to its natural, healthy state. We utilize a variety of diagnostics and treatments to support you and bring your body back into balance.

The doctors and staff at Optimized Wellness Center are committed to working with you to achieve your health goals. Working together as a team, we will help you to live healthier, feel better and be your best self.

In addition, we have many practice members that come in simply to OPTIMIZE their current state of health. By acting preventatively, they can ensure their health is maintained, and ward off future ailments.”


Address: 1050 Marina Village Pkwy Ste 104, Alameda, CA 94501